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Adhesive Vinyl

ProductSize (inches)Template
Floor Graphic Rectangle/Square12 X 18Download
Floor Graphic Round/Circle24 X 24Download
Window Graphic8.5 X 5.5Download

Banner Stands

ProductSize (inches)Template
Standard Roll Up Banner Stand33 X 80Download
X Style Banner Stand24 X 60Download

Bumper Stickers

ProductSize (inches)Template
Bumper Sticker12 X 4 HDownload


ProductSize (inches)Template
Tri-Fold, Side 1 (outside)8.5 x 11Download
Tri-Fold, Side 2 (inside)8.5 x 11Download
Tri-Fold, Side 1 (outside)8.5 x 5.5Download
Tri-Fold, Side 2 (inside)8.5 x 5.5Download
Tri-Fold, Side 1 (outside)8.5 x 14Download
Tri-Fold, Side 2 (inside)8.5 x 14Download
Half Fold8.5 x 11Download
Half Fold8.5 x 5Download
Half Fold8.5 x 14Download
Flat Vertical8.5 x 11Download
Flat Horizontal8.5 x 11Download
Flat Vertical8.5 x 5.5Download
Flat Horizontal8.5 x 5.5Download
Flat Vertical8.5 x 14Download
Flat Horizontal8.5 x 14Download

Business Cards

ProductSize (inches)Template
Business Card, standard horizontal3.5 x 2Download
Business Card, standard vertical2 x 3.5Download
Business Card, all round corners horizontal2 x 3.5Download
Business Card, all round corners vertical2 x 3.5Download

Car Magnets

ProductSize (inches)Template
Standard/Reflective Car Magnet18 X 12Download
Standard/Reflective Car Magnet18 X 24Download
Standard/Reflective Car Magnet24 X 12Download
Standard/Reflective Car Magnet24 X 18Download
Standard/Reflective Car Magnet24 X 36Download

Counter/Tabletop Display

ProductSize (inches)Template
Tent Card4 X 6Download
Tent Card5 X 5.5Download
Counter Card8.5 X 5.5Download
Counter Card8.5 X 11Download
Counter Card9 X 12Download

Door Hangers

ProductSize (inches)Template
Door Hanger3.5 X 8.5 ARCHDownload
Door Hanger3.5 X 8.5 STARDownload
Door Hanger3.5 X 8.5 STANDARDDownload
Door Hanger4.25 X 11 ARCHDownload
Door Hanger4.25 X 11 STARDownload
Door Hanger4.25 X 11 STANDARDDownload


ProductSize (feets)Template
Economical Flags
Feather Flag One Side8Download
Feather Flag One Side10Download
Feather Flag One Side12Download
Feather Flag One Side15Download
Teardrop Flag One Side7Download
Teardrop Flag One Side9Download
Teardrop Flag One Side11Download
Teardrop Flag One Side14Download
Standard Flags
Small Angle Flag One Side9Download
Small Angle Flag Double Side9Download
Small Convex Flag One Side9Download
Small Convex Flag Double Side9Download
Small Rectangle Flag One Side8.5Download
Small Rectangle Flag Double Side8.5Download
Small Teardrop Flag One Side7Download
Small Teardrop Flag Double side7Download
Medium Angle Flag One Side10.5Download
Medium Angle Flag Double Side10.5Download
Medium Convex Flag One Side10.5Download
Medium Convex Flag Double Side10.5Download
Medium Rectangle Flag One Side11.8Download
Medium Rectangle Flag Double Side11.8Download
Medium Teardrop Flag One Side9Download
Medium Teardrop Flag Two Side9Download
Large Angle Flag One Side14Download
Large Angle Flag Double Side14Download
Large Convex Flag One Side14Download
Large Convex Flag Double Side14Download
Large Rectangle Flag One Side15Download
Large Rectangle Flag Double Side15Download
Large Teardrop Flag One Side11.2Download
Large Teardrop Flag Double Side11.2Download
X Large Angle Flag One Side18Download
X Large Angle Flag Double Side18Download
X Large Convex Flag One Side18Download
X Large Convex Flag Double Side18Download
X Large Teardrop Flag One Side13.5Download
X Large Teardrop Flag Double Side13.5Download

Hang Tags

ProductSize (inches)Template
Hang Tag2 X 3.5Download
Hang Tag3.5 X 1.5Download
Hang Tag2 X 2Download

Mounted Canvas

ProductSize (inches)Template
Mounted Canvas12 X 12Download
Mounted Canvas12 X 18Download
Mounted Canvas12 X 24Download
Mounted Canvas16 X 20Download


ProductSize (inches)Template
Postcards4 x 6Download

Presentation Folders

ProductSize (inches)Template
Presentation Folders Business Card Slit on the Left9 X 12Download
Presentation Folders Business Card Slit on the Right9 X 12Download

Sell Sheets

ProductSize (inches)Template
Sell Sheets5.5 X 8.5Download
Sell Sheets8.5 X 11Download


ProductSize (inches)Template
PVC/Coroplast/Foamcore24 X 24Download
PVC/Coroplast/Foamcore24 X 36Download


ProductSize (inches)Template
Stickers3.5 X 2Download
StickersRound 2.5 X 2.5Download

Table Runners/Throws

ProductSize (inches)Template
Table Runner24 X 72Download
Table Runner24 X 80Download
Table Runner30 X 72Download
Table Runner30 X 80Download
Table Runner36 X 72Download
Table Runner36 X 80Download
Table Throw72 (6′) 3 SidesDownload
Table Throw72 (6′) 4 SidesDownload
Table Throw96 (8′) 3 SidesDownload
Table Throw96 (8′) 4 SidesDownload

Trade Show Products

ProductSize (inches)Template
Tension Fabric Curve6Download
Tension Fabric Curve8Download
Tension Fabric Curve10Download
Tension Fabric Straight8Download
Velcro Pop Up Curve8Download
Velcro Pop Up Straight8Download
Velcro Pop Up Straight10Download

If you do not see the template you are looking for contact us please